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Incredibuild dramatically accelerates compilation, tests, and other compute-intensive tasks by seamlessly and concurrently distributing workload processes across idle CPUs in your local network or in the cloud. Essentially, Incredibuild seamlessly transforms each compute host into a supercomputer with hundreds of cores and gigs of memory.

Five Steps to Start

Benefitting from Incredibuild’s performance boost is super easy and simple, owing to our Virtualized Distributed Processing™ technology - which combines the genericness of virtualization with the horsepower of distributed processing. This allows Incredibuild to seamlessly distribute a process from a host machine to a remote machine - emulating the relevant parts of the host environment in real-time. All this without installing anything on the remote machine, accept for a lightweight Incredibuild Agent.

What’s more - since Incredibuild’s technology is generic - it can distribute almost any kind of process to remote machines: Compilations, tests, simulations, or your own custom workloads.

Here’s how easy it is to start accelerating your workloads with Incredibuild:

  • Choose a machine on which to install an Incredibuild Coordinator and load an appropriate Incredibuild license to it. The coordinator is the component that coordinates between the hosts in an Incredibuild environment.
  • Install an Incredibuild Agent on each host you want to be part of the environment.
  • Enter the process names you’d like to distribute across remote machines or start working immediately with built-in integrations, like the Incredibuild for Visual Studio add-on.
  • Run your workload with Incredibuild.
  • Use Incredibuild’s graphical visualization to see your processes being seamlessly distributed to hundreds of additional cores.

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